Our Story

Our story began in 2019 when co-founders Ehsan and Saeed were researchers at Utrecht University. With a research grant from a non-profit organization, they embarked on a journey to study European household savings behaviors using a dataset of 84 thousand EU households.

Their research led to insights with potential far beyond academic circles. Ehsan and Saeed saw an opportunity to make a tangible impact, so they partnered with Techonomy to develop a prototype that could bring their findings to the marketplace.

Fast forward to 2023, Green WealthTech B.V. was born, registered in the Netherlands and already making waves. An award from VU University recognized our innovative approach, and we’ve presented at prestigious seminars and presentations.

At Green WealthTech (GWT), we're dedicated to empowering individuals to make financial decisions with the environment in mind. We believe reliable financial advice and environmental impact awareness should go hand in hand.

Our app is user-friendly and educational, covering green financial decisions, retirement planning, investment management, emergency savings, and more. We aim to demystify personal finance and sustainability, making these concepts accessible to everyone.

We are committed to bridging the gap between finance and sustainability. It's not just about wealth; it's about a healthy planet. Join us as we journey toward a greener financial future.

As our co-founders delved deeper into their research, they recognized the potential to extend their impact beyond academia. Inspired, they envisioned commercializing their research to offer practical financial solutions. This led to a collaboration with Techonomy, a strategic partner instrumental in developing a prototype for our vision.

Fast forward to 2023, we proudly announce the launch of Green WealthTech B.V., established in the Netherlands. Our path has been punctuated by notable achievements, including a prestigious award from VU University for our innovative approach. Additionally, we've been privileged to share our insights at esteemed presentations and seminars.

Green WealthTech's (GWT) mission is to empower individuals to make environmentally conscious and informed financial decisions. We are driven by the belief that reliable financial advice should incorporate environmental impacts. This principle is at the heart of our service.

Our objective is to equip people with the tools and knowledge necessary for making financial choices that reflect their values. By highlighting the environmental implications of financial decisions, we encourage proactive contributions towards a sustainable future.

GWT is determined to narrow the divide between finance and sustainability, making eco-friendly options universally accessible. We aspire to foster a community where everyone can partake in crafting a more eco-conscious economy.

Our user-friendly app features various modules on critical financial topics, from green investments to retirement planning, and emergency savings. These tools are designed to raise awareness, encourage sustainable financial engagement, and offer personalized advice that is both accessible and affordable.

We are excited about the road ahead and the opportunity to make a substantial impact on individual lives and environmental health. Join us on this inspiring journey towards a greener, more sustainable financial future.